Canyon and Tree

Photo: Gnarly Ohia tree wind on canyon rim just near our cabin last week.

I love this photo!  About three weeks ago I was staying at a cabin in Kokee and walked along the Waimea Canyon rim nearby.  This gnarly old Ohia tree braces itself against the winds that blow from the east, and somehow it just seems like a perfect fit now.  Thought I’d share this with you all.

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3 Responses to Canyon and Tree

  1. Jan Chiasson says:

    After talking to your brother I think the 11:00 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. tour would work best for us. We need to be back on the ship around 4:00 p.m. Is there something we MUST see in the area. Not able to do a lot of walking, but a little is OK. Would be be smart to rent a car and just drive or take some kind of tour. I guess basically something close to the port area.
    The flight will show us the whole island and we are all very excited about that!! Maybe that will be all we need.
    Thanks for any info you can give us!

  2. Jan Chiasson says:

    Hi Ellen…that is a great picture!
    Just noticed your blog and have some questions about the beautiful island! We will be arriving on a cruise ship and will have around 7 or 8 hours there. Definately would like to book a Grand Deluxe tour and sent an email asking a couple questions. Found out about Wings Over Kauai on Cruise Critic. I’m on a CC Roll Call for our sailing and know another couple is interested and feel certain others would be too. We arrive around 8 and I expect could be off the ship by 9. Typically on the islands the weather is clear in the morning and rain in the afternoon. Is that the case here? What would you recommend as the best time to fly? Assuming we fly in the morning, what are some other highlights we should consider? Please keep in mind we need to get back on the ship around 4:00.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Jan, so glad you found my new page, I’m having alot of fun with this! Yes, we love cruisers, please do try to join us. It is a bit tricky because of your short day. Yes, flying in the morning is nice here, and our first flight is at 9:30 so we pick you up at 9:00. Since the boats don’t tender it’s easy to manage. We return you at 11:00. Or you can fly our 11:00 tour, or the 1:00, if the clouds roll in it’s about 2:30 or so.

      What kind of thing other than flying do you like to do? Beaches for stand up paddle, or swimming in gentle waves? Or snorkeling? Or driving tours? Or strolls? What level of activity are you looking for and what interests you the most? I am glad to make suggestions, just give me a little bit of info okay? Yes, the Roll Call is fun, let’s book up the day with your fellow travelers! I believe you spoke with my brother? Our discount price is $520 for the six seats on the Grand Deluxe, fill the plane and you each only pay $86! But watch the weights, must be under 1150 pounds, or take a more comfortable ride with four persons, still a private tour, and $125 each.

      I love forward to hearing from you,



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