Our aircraft, which are hangared at the Lihue Airport, meet all the FAA safety requirements and are extremely trustworthy. The Airvan is by far the most popular multi-passenger touring aircraft, and is just extremely reliable.

GA-8 Airvan

kauai airplane airvan

Our brand new Gippsland G-8 Airvan is the ideal plane for touring Kauai’s skies. The Airvan was specifically designed for observational flights, with is high wing design, huge ‘bubble’ windows for optimal photo taking opportunities, and slow, stable cruising speed of 100 mph. It is easily accessed through the large sliding door.

This plane is capable of safely carrying up to 6 passengers, making it ideal for large families or groups.

Our Cessna 172 Skyhawk

kauai airplane cessna skyhawk

This beauty is the number one aircraft ever built in America! It is a great little plane for a party of two, one in the co-pilot seat and one in the back seat. The window can open and you can get stellar photos but it is a bit windy and you do need to maneuver yourself to keep the strut out of your way.

It’s also the workhorse of aviation and pilots love it. All of our pilots are flight instructors and we would be delighted to take you up for an instructional hour. What better way to see the Na Pali Coast than from your favorite seat, the Captain’s Chair!

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