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Wings and Crew

About Us

Climb aboard our new Australian-made G8 AirVan for your personalized Grand Deluxe Tour of the most beautiful landscape in the world! Soar through the Waimea Canyon, then catch your breath as the majestic cathedral spires of the Na Pali are suddenly beneath you. Fly alongside the ridgeline behind the lovely Hanalei Bay, and travel south to see the numerous waterfalls of Hanalei Valley as well as the crater below Kauai’s Mt. Wai`ale`ale (weather permitting). During the winter, whale watching may be feasible.

Our experienced pilots share with you the rich history and mythical lore of Kauai; you can ask all your questions using our two-way intercom system and enjoy the feeling of good old fashioned hospitality. Only Wings Over Kauai features an expert agricultural narrative (created by our owner and chief operating pilot, research scientist Dr. Bruce Coulombe). At approximately 60 – 65 minutes long, this safe and thrilling experience is the ultimate air tour of the Garden Island.

Meet the Crew

Wings Over Kauai opened its doors in May 2004. The Coulombe family, Bruce, Ellen, Carter, and Mary, came to Kauai in 1994 under a contract with Novartis Corporation. Bruce had a private pilot’s license and was passionate about flying, and he requested the corporation send his plane over instead of his car. That turned out to be a very smart move.

For the next ten years, Bruce spent his days off touring the island with friends and family, who were all equally overwhelmed by Kauai’s stunning scenery, and then in 2004, his corporate commitments suddenly ended and faced with leaving the island. He and his wife Ellen decided to try their hand at business and opened the doors to Wings Over Kauai.

Wings started as a small desk in the commuter terminal, with a sign reading “flights available on request,” and for the first year Bruce flew about four flights per week. But then something happened; they call it critical mass. Somehow Wings reached a point where so many friends were telling so many other friends, and there were so many positive comments on internet sites and in traveler’s forums, that the business grew every year throughout the recession, and each year was at least 50% bigger than the year before. They acquired a six-passenger plane in 2010 and now average four flights a day.

Wings Over Kauai Co-Owner and Pilot, Bruce Coulombe
Marcus Madson Pilot
a man and a woman taking a selfie in a car
Wings Over Kauai Co-Owner and Reservationist, Ellen Johnston Coulombe
a group of people standing around a plane
Wings Over Kauai Customer Service Specialist, Mary Coulombe