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Every Seat a Window Seat!


This is the AirVan Interior, and the first seat on the right side of the photo is the pilot, and the first seat on the left will be one of you, the co-pilot! The three seats behind that one are on the right side and in the back, the love seat, is really nice and cozy and both persons share the right window and left window for all around viewing. This is my favorite seat because I am a view hog, I want to see it all and have the extra room to stretch my legs!

Seating is important when touring and we take extra special care to make sure you have a great view. We know for many this tour is a the highlight of their visit to Hawaii, and we want each and every person to really enjoy it, and not have to stress about a stranger sitting next to them and blocking their view. Seems like so many times I go on a ride or a tour and I sit there thinking, why me? Why am I the one they put into the bad seat, is it because of my weight? Or do I look least likely to make a fuss? Maybe I should smile less at check in? I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but it does to me, and we don’t want it to happen to you. We want you to be relaxed andand happy as you experience the most amazing view that many of us will ever see. And for this reason we are delighted to fly our Australian made AirVan, it has really big windows all the way around and no center isle, so every view is breathtaking.

On the island of Kauai, all the air tour companies fly in a clockwise motion around the island, and the views are thus often out the right window. So here at Wings, the only seat we always fill on the left side of our plane is the pilot, and the seat behind him we fill if you are a family of six and that way the person can move across and share the right side window with a loved one, and not have to bump up into a stranger. While at the same time that person has their own window and a beautiful private experience as well, and whenever we fill the entire plane with your family, the pilot does more circling to make sure everyone is happy throughout the tour.

I really hope this helps, we have received a great deal of excellent feedback from our customers over our 10 years of flying  Kauai and as a result we think we have found the solution for the perfect experience for all. And as our reward, out of 180 Activities on Kauai, the travelers posting on Trip Advisor have rated Wings Over Kauai as the #1 Thing to Do!

Mahalo nui loa, Ellen

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