Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to reserve my tour? Can I wait and book when I am there?
You would be wise to book in advance if you have an idea of your day and time.   We find that morning flights tend to fill up about two or so weeks in advance.   We do almost always have some afternoon times open so if you would rather wait until you are here, then book, you can do so but there will be less availability.  You can book up to 6 months in advance, and since we do not put a hold on your credit card there is no reason not to book if you have a plan in mind.

Do people experience motion sickness on the planes?
We try to limit the motion you will feel on the plane.  We do our very best to keep the turns shallow and the motion to a minimum so that you can focus on the beautiful scenery and not have to worry.  But, there are windy days here and that does create turbulence in the air.  We try to avoid the more turbulent areas and to minimize turning as much as possible.  You will not feel as much motion in a plane as you will on a boat, it’s more like a bus, but on a windy day it is like a bus on a winding road.  If you are motion sensitive in a car, this is similar.

Should I take anything for motion sickness?
If you are sensitive to motion in the car, then yes, take Dramamine or Bonine or whatever you would normally take on your boat tour.  We do have ginger candies for everyone and they do help settle the stomach a little bit.

Is one plane better than the other to avoid motion sickness?
Not really, the AirVan and the Cessna are fairly similar in size in this regard, and buffer against the wind in the same manner.

Do you feel more or less sick on a helicopter tour if you are motion sensitive?
Most people have said they felt much worse on the helicopter because it has the additional motion of spinning and swooping added in, plus constantly turning your head as the helo spins.

What about the weather? What happens if it is cloudy or raining?
Unfortunately we do have rainy days out here.  We try hard to work with you and reschedule if possible, especially if it looks like the weather will be improving during your stay.  So we do suggest booking in the early part of your stay so there will be another day to reschedule to if needed.

Will I be charged if we have to cancel due to weather?
We don’t charge you anything until we actually fly, so you will not pay if the pilot has to cancel.   We generally are the first tour operator to cancel because we don’t want to make you pay to go up and see clouds.  But sometimes you just have to go and see what you can see because the weather just isn’t going to give us a break.

What is the best time of day to fly for good weather? Good lighting? Best photos?
There really is not an overall best time of day to fly, there are advantages and disadvantages to every time of day:

9:30:  sometimes very nice, less windy.  But can still have some clouds in the valleys and the Na Pali coast faces west so not the best lighting on the Na Pali.

11:00:  can be very nice, less clouds, and good lighting all around

1:00: good sunlight, still a bit strong, and can be warmer so if motion sensitive not the best time of day

2:30: nice lighting all the way around the island.  The west facing Na Pali getting some slant to the rays, and still sunny on the east side when looking into the east facing valleys of waterfalls.  But can be when clouds and moisture roll in on windy days.

4:00:  the premiere Na Pali Coast photos are taken at this time, diffuse light hitting the shoreline, great definition of features.  But, the east side is dark and back lit so harder to see see the waterfalls of the interior and photos too dark.

Is it best to book on line, to call you, or to go to see my concierge?
It really is best to book direct with us, either using the online reservation system or calling us.  We do have some great activity desks and concierges out here, but they all get a commission so for the very best prices I suggest go directly to the vendor, at least that is how it works for us!

140 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Susan says:

    also, if I’d like to do the cruise in the morning (8a.m from port allen?)and then do the AirVan in the afternoon , Is there any recommendation on doing the two tours in one day? such as bus between port allen to your office near airport ? thank you so much!

    • wingsove says:

      Hi there, Yes the two can be done in one day but it sure would exhaust me. The boat ride is long and lovely and once done I am needing to rest a bit! but you are probably much younger than I and yes, I think you can call Blue Dolphin and discuss transport with them. I am guessing they will recommend Uber but there may be another way? It is about 40 minutes from Port Allen to Lihue, Aloha, Ellen

  2. Susan says:


    I’m interested in the air and sea combo tour
    about the Na Pali Coast Snorkel & Scuba Tour
    do we have to go to port Allen by ourselves or do you offer free or charged shuttle from the airport? thank you!

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Susan, I just saw this and hope I didn’t miss you. I am sorry we can’t provide ground transportation, we only have airplanes. I think your best chance would be Uber, they just started up on Kauai, yeah!

  3. Ron & Carol Brannon says:

    Hi Ellen,

    We are Ron & Carol Brannon. We have flown with Bruce two times in the past. For the last couple of years, we were booked twice but the flight was cancelled to unfavorable weather conditions.

    I know it is early to request a reservation, but we are returning to Kauai next April with another couple who have never been to Hawaii before. We want them to really experience Hawaii and I can’t think of a better way than to take one of your tours. They will be completely in awe. The dates we are interested in are April 4 or 5 in the morning. We want to book a private charter for 4 passengers with Bruce as our pilot. I think he is now flying on Wednesdays and Thursdays so either the 4th or 5th will work. How do you suggest we proceed from here? Should I wait till about 6 months from the visit to book the flight? Just let me know. Looking forward to seeing you and Bruce again.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Ron, Hello Carol, and welcome back in advance! That is so awesome you guys are coming back and of course we would love to take the four of you. It will be a private charter, we always close the plane if a party of four book, and who knows what Bruce’s schedule will be by next spring but we will work together, you and I, to get you on board with Bruce, I know he would love to see you guys again. We just got our inventory going for next year, so I will tentatively book the four of you into April 4th at 9:30 and I will send you another email as soon as I get that done. Mahalo nui loa for returning and for remembering us, we would love to meet your friends! aloha, Ellen

  4. sohee says:

    hi i would like to make a reservation jun 13th at 9am for 2people
    i want to join before i go to maui and my fight time is 11:27am
    but i can’t find the 9am time. it seems like fully booked

    if i make a reservation 9:30am time
    Is it enough time to go to airport and get in the fight?

    • wingsove says:

      We are located right next to the main terminal, and the 9:30 gets back to the airport at 10:30 (1 hour before your flight), but if you have a rental car to return that would make catching the flight very close. You could return the rental car before the tour, but then walking over to the terminal where we are located with all your packages might not be to easy.

  5. Bob Hawkins says:

    Hello, I booked your 11am flight. Afterwords I’ll fly to Honolulu from lih. I’m wondering if I should book a 1, 1:30, 2, or 2:30 flight to hnl. After your flight do we have to go to security? Or do we pass through security before your flight?



    • wingsove says:

      Hello Bob, well we don’t have security for our flights because they are private commercial tours, and it’s easy with us. But you will need to go through security for your HNL flight. We would land at 12:15 and the main LIH terminal is next door, about two blocks in total if you are walking. Most folks fly with us and then take their car back after. But you can walk if you like, it’s a bit of a struggle with a lot of luggage though. So you would most likely be okay to fly to HNL at 2:00 or anytime after that. If you land at 12:15, return your car and take your time, you will be checking in for HNL at 1:00 and an hour is usually plenty of time here for the interisland flights. Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions, glad to try and work with you, Aloha, Ellen

  6. LP says:

    We are traveling with a total of 7 people (4 adults and 3 children ages 10, 6, and 7).
    Is there any way that we will fit in one plane? The adults weigh 205, 125, 120, and 115.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello LP, wish we could! Your weights are not the problem, we have only 6 passenger seats, every person over 2 is required to have a seat belt, just like the regularly scheduled air carriers, and we can’t take 7. Parties of 7 often take the two planes, the AirVan for 5 people and the Cessna for 2 people. The AirVan costs $550 and we can discount the Cessna to the group rate of $250, so the total cost is $800, just over $100 per person since you are 7 people. You would need to call to book that group rate, and if you have questions just let me know, glad to help, Aloha, Ellen

  7. Jim says:

    I am signed up for the “left seat” flight with your CFI. What do I need to bring along for the flight? Logbook? Headset? I always have my Class 3 cert and Private Pilot cert, but wondered what else I might need.

    Also, can I bring/use my own GoPro (my wife is riding along, so she can operate it if preferred)?

    Thanks! I can’t wait!

    • wingsove says:

      Hello! Yes, come and fly with our Certified Flight Instructor, Bruce Coulombe! He is flying on Wednesdays and Thursdays now. You don’t need to bring anything unless you want to. He can enter time in your log book if you like, so bring that maybe? We have headsets for everyone, if you prefer your own you can bring but we have Bose and Dave Clark so you don’t need to carry it all the way over here if you don’t want to. And GoPros are always welcome! Let me know if you have any questions, glad to have you fly with us! Aloha, Ellen

  8. Eric Dinius says:

    I just booked a Cessna Flight last night for this upcoming Friday and am really looking forward to it. Being a student pilot I was really hoping to be able to sit left seat and do some flying, but there didn’t seem to be options to designate between the “Flight School” option and the tour option. Is seating just determined day of prior to the flight?
    Thanks! See you in a few days!

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Eric, we would love to take you flying and we do have a CFI but not as often as we would like, and this week one of the CFI pilot’s is on vacation. That’s why you couldn’t find the instructional option. We don’t have one available for you. I am so sorry, we can take you flying in the Cessna for the private flight with our pilot, but our pilot will be left seat. I’ll respond to your booking to see if you want to change your booking, trying our best but since we seem to have the only CFI on island at this time, we are a bit limited. Aloha, Ellen

  9. Jen Schaefer says:

    Hi, Ellen. It’s Jen again. Are you open on Christmas Day? Our cruise ship comes into port in Kauai just that day. When I checked the booking request a few days ago, Christmas was available. But when I look now, it’s grayed out. I’m guessing you won’t be flying that day, but I did want to check. Thanks so much for the information. -Jen

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Jen, yes we do close on Christmas Day, the one day we are not open. Sorry we won’t get to take you flying that day. I think Jack Harter Helicopters will be open and they have fun little helos! Anyway, I’m sure you will have a great day in port here, Aloha, Ellen

  10. Jen Schaefer says:

    Hi. Is there a cancellation policy aside from cancellations due to weather, etc. If we book something online to hold a spot, can we cancel without penalty xx days ahead or something like that? I’ve got an elderly parent who is not in good health, so we always check ahead, just in case. Thanks. -Jen

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Jen, well it’s so very nice of you to travel with an elderly parent and I sure hope my kids meet you and take the hint! Yes you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund so go ahead and book. If you are a party of four or more it is always helpful to us if you can cancel two days in advance, but we understand sometimes you feel great one day and not so great the next so that’s why we have the 24 hour cancellation policy. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m glad to help you, Aloha, Ellen

  11. Chloe says:

    1. the weather thing
    I would like to participate your airvan tour at 11am on 27th Feb.
    But I’m worried about the weather.
    One site forecast a bit sunny but the other has cloudy and some chance of shower.
    I’ll be there only one day.
    26th or 27th..
    So..if there is a shower or heavy cloud in the airport area, the tour will be canceled??
    How will it go when it has light one?

    2. time
    We’ll arrive the LIH airport at 10:23
    Is it possible to join the 11am tour?

    Thanks in advance.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Chloe, the weather is so different now, I can’t really say what this means. When the winds drop off like they will next week, normally that would mean sunny, but lately it can mean a haze pervading over the island. I think Monday the forecast is better than Tuesday. And if we can’t see the Canyon or the Na Pali coast we don’t like to fly unless you want to. And normally we would be on our second flight at 11:00 so we will have some idea from the first flight, but not always. Sometimes we cancel at 9:30 and wait to try at 11:00. But we are the company with the best reputation for putting your concerns first, that is really nice, and we like to give you a say as to whether or not you like the conditions based upon our best knowledge. Yes, you can walk off the plane and over to us and make it, but it’s cutting it close. If you have checked bags you won’t make it. But if you are carry on only, and just start walking you will be fine. Hope this helps Chloe and please just let me know if you have other questions, glad to try and help you, Aloha, Ellen

  12. Kamal says:


    We will be in Kauai between March 10th and 14th and would love to schedule your tour. We will have a 3 year old and 1 year old along with us. Can we do the private Cessna tour or do I need to book the airvan. Either way is fine with me, I just want to make sure of my options. Combined weight for all four of us is less than 380 lbs.


    • wingsove says:

      Hello Kamal, glad you can fly with us, and bring your lovely family on board, all are welcome. You can actually fly in either plane, and in either plane the three year old is free and has a seat, and the one year old is in one of your laps. We would place your family in the love seat at the rear of the airvan, a two seat side by side chair and we would put one adult in the seat in front of the love seat. Then we would have two other adults on board in co-pilot seat and behind co-pilot seat. Generally if weights allow that is how we seat the AirVan with a family of little ones on board. So both parties do have some privacy, yourselves in back and the second couple up front. Or your family can fly in the Cessna, one of you will be in the co-pilot seat, the other one in the seat behind you, with the 3 year old on the seat behind the pilot. The baby is on the lap in the back. It allows you a bit more privacy and some families like this too. I hope this helps and do let me know if you have more questions, glad to chat with you. Aloha, Ellen

  13. Anna Tyman says:

    From the description it looks as if the Cessna will only hold 3 people including the pilot. However when I go to book online, the system allows me to book 3 people and give 3 names. Which is true of the Cessna tour please?
    Thanks much!

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Anna, yes you are right, sorry about the confusion. The Cessna can carry three passengers plus the pilot, but the total body weight must be under 550 pounds for the three passengers, and so we prefer to carry the three in the AirVan. The Cessna is just right for two passengers, one is the co-pilot and one has the back seat all to his or her self. If you have three folks let me know and looking at the weights and ages and preferences it might work out just fine. Hope this helps, Aloha, Ellen

  14. Sabine says:

    We will be on Kauai on 3rd and 4th with the “Pride of America”. Arrival on 3rd 10 am. We want to book on 3rd the 11 am. Air Van tour, should this be possible? Where is the pick up point at the port?

    Best regards from Austria

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Sabine, yes, you can certainly do that. You are walking off the ship by 10:00 and our airport is only 7 minutes away. We would pick you up at the ABC store near your ship or you would also have time to go get your rental car before the flight if you are renting, or after the flight too if you don’t want to rush. Let me know how I can help, glad to answer any questions you might have, Aloha, Ellen

  15. Kathleen says:

    Is the following policy still the same?

    “Presently we are not charging for the tour until you fly, we use the credit card only to hold the tour. That may change in the future, but that is how we do it now.”

    If there is a group of six that would like to fly, can we each call and reserve a spot for the cost of $97.16 each? Instead of putting the entire group on one credit card?

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Kathleen, well that is a while ago, good hunting on your part. We did move on to pay to book for most tours because we got a new reservation system that works really well. But we can easily help you out. We can still do it the same way, you call us and we use your card to hold the tour and don’t charge your card or anything. Then when you are in the office you can pay and divide $550 up anyway you like, by person or by couple. But you need to call to reserve because the online system will charge you to hold it. We are open most of the time and glad to help, 808-635-0815, so just call. Sounds like a fun group you have going, looking forward to it. aloha, Ellen

  16. Minkyung Kim says:

    I booked 2people.(yangho&I)
    Air Van 1 on Monday, July 4 2016 @ 9:30am
    But I have a baby and I want to join with him.
    (now he is 22months old/26lb)
    Are we just go there?

    • wingsove says:

      That’s great, and i just added the baby for you, there is no charge. We will have a seat available or you can hold the child on your lap. See you soon! Aloha, Ellen

  17. Maria says:

    Will a family of 4 taking the air van be an exclusive tour? We are on the Pride of America cruise and would like to get the 9:30AM tour on Friday April 29 but the site says “Party of 4 (or 5 or 6, etc) not available with current selections” – options are grayed out.
    How do I book this online? Thanks!

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Maria, yes, I am sorry but folks have already booked on those morning flights on April 29th. We like to carry a limited number of persons and your family of 4 is a nice private charter. You can go on the afternoon of April 28th, at 2:30 and I just opened the 4:00 in case you want to go at that time. On April 29th you can take two persons at 9:30 and two persons at 11:00, or use our Cessna with two persons at 9:00 and two persons at 10:30. But you may not be interested in dividing the group. Let me know if you have any other questions, glad to help, Ellen

  18. JU says:

    Hello. We are going to visit Kauai. We are thinking of taking a air tour.
    I have 46month son. I read that it is possible him to join on the trip. Is it more comfotable with private cessna tour? Is it need to breing carseat? I wondering the coast.
    Thank you.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Ju, yes, come and fly with us. I think if you are a party of two plus your 3 and a half year old that you would be most comfortable on our Cessna Private Tour. It’s a lovely tour for the three of you and your son can easily stay in his car seat next to you in the back seat or he can sit on your lap after take off if he is needs to. You can book this with us by phone or email, you just need to make note that you are bringing the young one along with you. We don’t charge for the little one, it seems like too much money to spend on a the little guy and he is so likely to fall asleep, ours always did! If you need my help, email me and I will get you going or call our reservation team, they can help you too, Aloha, Ellen

  19. Theresa pierce says:

    I’m thinking about the deluxe tour air van 5-6-16 for 2. 9:30. What is the visibility for pictures at that time ? Do you pick up guests at the cruise ship port for this tour?

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Theresa, that’s a good question. My pilot Josh thinks it’s still a bit dark on the Na Pali Coast at 10:oo, which is about when you get there. But mid summmer it is better than in winter. But I like the way the shadows play along that shoreline all day long, and you have seen many different types of photos which represent the various times of day there. I like the early morning flight, at 9:30, everyone and everything is very fresh, it’s just fun. And yes we do pick up cruisers at the ABC store just around the corner from your ship. Let me know if you have any other questions, nice chatting with you. aloha, Ellen

  20. Melissa Warner says:

    Hi Ellen, Me and my husband are visiting Kauai the last week of December. I cannot wait. I would like to book a 9:30AM island air tour on the AirVan. But before I book, I want to know if all seats are window seats on the airvan? I have seen some pictures of the helicopters, and they dont have all window seats. Your AirVan seems to have all window seats, but I am not sure. Can you please clarify and put me ease so that I can book the tour.

    Thanks so much,

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Melissa, well it took me a minute, sorry about that, but I wanted to get a good photo for you. I am going to figure out how to post a photo of the AirVan seating arrangement. I’ll get right back to you. Aloha, Ellen

  21. Pinstriped Dude says:

    Helloo, Can you clarify how the seats are configured in the airvan? Are all seats window seats? Do you have a picture/sketch of the inside of the airvan? I want to understand how the seats are configured. Me and my wife are visiting Kauai around Christmas and I am looking to book a air tour.

    Thanks – Pinstriped Dude

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Pinstriped Dude, love the name! Yes, I finally got a good photo and posted it on Ellen’s Page on our web site, take a look, I tried to explain it as best I could. I’ll post more as well, going to take some today. Mele Kalikimaka! Ellen

  22. Shawn says:

    Hi, I wish to book an Air and Sea Tour for two sometime between the 19-21 of December 2015. May I ask how do I go about doing this? Thank you.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Shawn, yes glad you found us! The combo tour is fun, and we do recommend that you do the five hour boat ride on a separate day but many folks do the plane and boat tour on the same day and they are just fine. I’m a bit old now and that’s too much activity all in one day for me! LOL! Anyway, you just need to call us, 808-635-0815 and we will arrange both tours for you. If you have any other questions just ask me here, glad to chat with you, Aloha, Ellen

  23. Kelly says:

    Hi, coming on NCL’ s Pride of America on Thursday Jan. 21st. Ship docks at 10am. I’m assuming booking the 11:00am is too soon right? Is the 1 pm a good option? We are thinking about renting a car too. Would it be better to wait and rent the car after the flight and get picked up at ABC or drive the rental right there?

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Kelly, I am pretty sure Audrey was able to answer you already but in case not, I just wanted to let you know that the 11:00 for NCL on your first day in port is just fine. We do this every thursday. Your ship is only 7 minutes away from the airport so the timing is not hard. But the 1:00 is also a nice time to fly. You can do it either way with the rental, it saves you travel time if you have time to get your car first. Let me know what you are thinking, i can help with your timing on this. aloha, ellen

  24. Zea says:

    Hello. Our family (4 adults) will be flying in to Kauai this Friday afternoon (16th) and we would like to take the tour on Saturday (17th). Based on the weather condition lately, could you recommend the best time slot for a clear view? I am very much looking forward to the tour but worried about rain and clouds.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Zea, we would love to take your family flying and we can do so on October 17th. We have the 1:00 open at this time. My husband Bruce, the pilot, likes the noon hour for the clearest time, he likes that full sun, so he says 1:00 is good cause we take lunch at noon. I like 11:00 myself, just suits my temperment, not rushed in the morning, not tired in the afternoon. And our other pilot Josh says that anytime is fine, it really depends on the weather that day more than the time of day because we don’t have the land affect that you see on mainland shores. Anyway, I hope this helps, and email us at if you want to discuss options on Saturday. aloha, Ellen

  25. Maria C says:

    We are considering taking a private group charter for 4 for $500 plus tax and fees. Here are a few questions I have regarding this tour:

    1. What are the fees we are paying for and how much would it be for 4 passengers.
    2. My husband is an avid photographer and videographer. His concern is not getting great shots because of the plane’s window. Is there anyway he can have unobstructed view (ie open window)?

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Maria, yes, our party of four booking is $500 plus the online booking fee of $5 per seat, so $520 total. If you want to pay cash and save a bit just call us, it’s then $500 total. The windows are closed on the plane and he has to maneuver so that he doesn’t get glare. It is just like a car with the windows up. We have dark seat covers, and there is less sun in the middle back seats so I like to sit there. Wear dark clothing so that you are not reflected in the window. But he needs a polarizing filter for the outside light, so it’s all a bit tricky but many have managed to do well as you can see on our web site. If you have any questions just let me know. aloha, Ellen

  26. wandering says:

    I will go Kauai from Nov.2 to 5. I am wondering iI a seat is available for solo traveler.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Jihyoung, we would love to take you flying. Our seating is limited and we like everyone to have a great view out their window, so we can only book single passengers if we have the proper number on board, and we can’t know that until the week of your tour. If you can wait until you are here and then call us we might be able to help, so very sorry about this but it’s just the design of the aircraft. Aloha, Ellen

  27. ply says:

    My family of 4 people (2 adults, 2 kids. The smallest kid is 2 years old). We will arrive Kauai on Thursday, Dec 3rd, 2015 by Pride of America. We would like to book the AirVan tour on Friday, Dec 4th, 2015.
    1) If we book this tour, how we notify you that the smallest child will seat on my lap?
    2) Is the price $125 that listed on your web site included tax…. per person?
    3) Our cruise will leave at 14:00 Fri, Dec 4th. Do you think that we will be back to the ship before 1:00pm?

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Ply, so glad you found us! Yes you can book on the 9:30 or the 11:00 tour on your second day in port, those flights are always with Pride of America cruisers. We are only 7 minutes from the ship, we return you easily on time. Your tour is $125 per person plus 4% tax and fee, so $130 per person total. Your 2 year old child rides free but you need to write into the booking or email me when you make the booking to let us know the name, age in months, and body weight of the two year old because the child will still need a seat but it is a free seat. Hope this helps, if you have questions just let me know. Aloha, Ellen

  28. Han says:

    My brothers and I are visiting Hawaii for the first time this upcoming winter for 7 days. One of my brothers in particular has a strong interest in aviation, but has never flown a plane in any capacity (>20). As such, I am intrigued by the information I read on your website about your “Flight School”. If possible, could you answer some of my questions?

    1) Does “Flight School” allow individuals who have no experience with flying aircraft?
    2a) If yes, what is the rough average total duration for paperwork, lecture, training, flying, etc.? How do hourly rates apply after the initial fee for 2nd and 3rd passengers just tagging along?
    2b) If no, then do you, or any locations on the island, have programs for those who wish to be instructed to fly planes?

    Thank you for your time!

  29. Noels says:

    I’m checking out air tours of Kauai and came across your site. Looking really good. We (2 females) will arrive in Kauai Nov 9 (from Australia) and thinking of doing a flight Nov 11. I see if the weather is poor and low visibility we would be able to cancel or reschedule.
    I’m into photography so really hoping to get some great shots. Time of day according to you FAQ seems to be early afternoon. I wanted to clarify with you, the price of the airvan with 6 people at present is $125. The price for the Cessna for two people is $250. Is that price per person or for both? If it’s both, I’m thinking that would be a better option and more personal?
    Thank you..

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Noels, so glad you found us, we would love to take the two of you flying in either plane. In the AirVan we have four or five people and each seat is $125, in the Cessna we have two people and each seat is $125. We decided to keep the cost simple! The AirVan has larger windows, the Cessna is a private tour. So see there is an advantage to each one. You will get great photos from either one and if you are dedicated to getting the shot, in the Cessna you can ask ahead of time for them to set your window so that you can open it, which does give some clarity, but… makes it very windy inside the plane. There’s always a give and take isn’t there? I do think if the weather cooperates you would like an afternoon flight to get those somewhat filtered Na Pali Coast photos, the later the better but….give and take….the later the darker on your return along the eastern facing Mt. Waialeale where all the waterfalls are happening. Let me know if I can help in any way, glad to try. Aloha, Ellen

      • Noels says:

        Thanks Ellen. I’m now thinking perhaps the bigger windows on the airvan might be better for viewing and photography. I’m guessing they are cleaned frequently so viewing is better. We would like to see and photograph the waterfalls too so afternoon flight will be best. Have a great day.

      • Noels says:

        One other question Ellen – would you suggest the 1pm or 2.30 flight, taking the above in consideration? We want to see things in good light but I also want the preferred light for photos. I’m thinking the 2.30 flight may be optimum as the 1pm sun could ne too harsh.

        • wingsove says:

          Hi Noel, well now I am not real sure about the weather. I do like the lighting at 2:30, I agree, a bit bright at 1:00. But less cloud cover at 1:00 so that means more valleys are open to see. And this summer we lost our trade winds as large weather systems passed by. If they return then the late afternoon is nice, but if the winds don’t return, then we have been seeing hot, convective clouds building in the center of the island around 2:00 and that makes the flight tricky. I am going to guess that November will be as it usually is and that 2:30 is a nice time to fly. Go ahead and book it, then if you see a lack or winds or just want to call and chat to see if it is recommended that you switch, then feel free to call our reservation line or send me an email here. Always glad to work with you as best we can given the changing conditions. Aloha, Ellen

  30. Puja says:

    Hi , We are planning to visit Kauai and thinking to book this tour. I have 22 months old son. I wanted to check if he can join us on the trip? Can we bring his carseat?

    Thank You in advance.


    • wingsove says:

      Hello Puja, yes bring the little one, and there is no charge for the little guy. You are welcome to bring a car seat if you like, and if it is the two of you plus your son I think you might like the private Cessna tour, just so you can have him with you in the back seat and not have to worry about others on board? But the AirVan works fine too. Aloha, Ellen

  31. Chris tro says:

    I would like to Book a Tour for 4 People on July 27th.But I’m not sure about the weather is it possible to change the Date or cancel the tour if it is cloudy.


    • wingsove says:

      Hello Chris, yes, please do book with us and if it is cloudy or raining then we can cancel with full refund or reschedule, whichever works best for you. If you are driving from Princeville we don’t recommend the 9:30 tour because we won’t be able to call and tell you if it is raining. Any other tour and we can know if we are good to go, hopefully, before you make the drive. Please let me know if you need my help, glad to work with you. Aloha, Ellen

  32. Brad says:

    Hey, I am a student pilot here on vacation. I was wondering if i could book an instructional/refresher flight. However I forgot to bring my medical?student pilot Certificate and log book. will I still be able to do an instructional flight. I am okay with not logging the hours.

    -Thank You, Brad

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Brad, yes you sure can, so very glad you found us! Our instructors can take you up and they can write up an entry for you to place or copy into your log book when you return home. Many visiting pilots don’t bring the log book, it’s too much to carry. We have openings in our Cessna 172 each day, if you wish to see the availability book through the Cessna Private Tour, and without making the booking you can see how the calendar looks for the week, then call us to book the instructional flight. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’m happy to help. Aloha, Ellen

  33. Denise says:

    Why can I not reach you by phone? I am considering booking a flight.
    How difficult is to board the plane? My sister and I will be in Kauai very soon.

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Denise, so sorry about that, we were just on a training session for the new reservation system and we didn’t see the call coming in. You can try again now, we can answer. AS to boarding the plane, it’s not too difficult. I am going to go through all my photos to find a good one to send to you. It has a large door which slides open, and our ladder has four steps up. I’ll look for the photo and send through the email. Aloha, Ellen

  34. Darcy says:

    Hi, I tried to email but haven’t seen a reply. I booked a 2-person Cessna tour for July 24 2015 and I want to make sure it’s okay if we bring along our 4-month-old daughter. Is there anything we need to do to prepare for her to come along on the flight? Thanks.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Darcy, I am sorry I never received the email, don’t know what happened? Yes, it is fine to bring your baby on the tour. We carried our son Carter in a Cessna 172 from LA to Chicago when he was just a bit older! Your daughter will ride along on your lap, or if you prefer you can bring your car seat and she will sit beside you. We have earplugs, and we have a small child’s ear muff, or headset. But this won’t work for babies. You can wrap a little scarf around the babies ears when flying if you like. It isn’t critical, the noise is not deafening and it is only for one hour, I often ride along without my headset on, it’s not that loud. Anyway, that’s about it, and let me know if you have any other questions, I’m glad to help. Aloha, Ellen

  35. Amy says:

    Hi, in the AirVan, is each seat a window seat?

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Amy, sorry about all the confusion. The pilots say that the best time of day is not a factor for the weather, the weather of the day is a greater factor. But now, we are heading into summer and if past trends continue then the rains will be light, full sun ahead! Anyway, I think what I meant was that the clouds and moisture can roll in on windy, intermittent weather days, in the late afternoon. If it is a sunny day, it stays nice all day. I think I am actually going to rephrase all of my thoughts about weather and lighting because when I polled the crew as to what time of day is the nicest time to fly, it was across the board, all times got a vote, no clear winners. And as for lighting, well it doesn’t really make that much difference there either. The weather of the day is the greatest factor. If you can’t get in the valley to make the shot, then the lighting just isn’t a part of the problem. Hope this helps a little bit? Aloha, Ellen

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Amy, well I need to get a picture up on the web site, cause it’s so hard to explain. This large plane carries 8, but we take out one seat and carry six plus pilot. There are huge windows all the way around the plane, and we try to make sure all can see well. One seat, behind the pilot, we try to leave empty because it just isn’t as good. So we only use that seat with a group on board of family or friends because then they can share windows and accomodate each other in the best way possible. Otherwise we would need to do a lot of turning and circling for just this seat and that makes folks a bit queasy. We know, we have seen this many times in other companies using this plane, the circling is not a good idea. Now sometimes we do put families of six on board and the one who sits behind the pilot is upset with his or her family for getting that seat, what can we do, we try our very best! How many will you be? Aloha, Ellen

  36. Marion says:

    Last sentence in your FAQ on ‘What is the best time of day to fly for good weather? Good lighting? Best photos?’ for the 2:30 time slot is not clear to me, it says:

    2:30: nice lighting all the way around the island. The west facing Na Pali getting some slant to the rays, and still sunny on the east side when looking into the east facing valleys of waterfalls. But can be when clouds and moisture roll in on windy days.

    Clarify: ‘but can be’ what in the last sentence. E.g should it say ‘But can be turbulent when clouds’ etc roll in? or bad visibility, or cancelled etc

    Thanks for clarifying.

  37. Melissa Morse says:


    I just booked a airvan flight for 2 people on 6/17 at 1:00, but would prefer the Cessna. Any chance that may be available…or the 2:30 even?

    Thanks! Melissa

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Melissa, well actually I think you might be able to do this. I have another pilot now and we are opening up the Cessna five days a week, it had been for only three. So we plan to place it in the inventory for Wednesdays, and will do so shortly. Can you write back in a couple of days and I should be ready to change this for you? I just don’t want to jump the gun, need all the necessary badges, permits, etc. Thanks for your patience. Ellen

  38. soohee says:

    I and two of my friends will NCL cruise from Aug. 08th 2015 to Aug 15th 2015
    The last day we will departure at 14:00 in kaua.
    We are going to take your plane trip that day.
    Is it possible?
    If we possible what time is the best time?
    Because we are Korean, we don’t speak English very well
    We worry about getting your place on time.
    Would you pick us up at pier?
    Thank you for any info.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello, I just realized you want to fly on your first day in port. Yes any one of the times is just fine for NCL folks. Let me know if you need my help in this booking.

  39. soohee says:

    I’m interested in your delux Flight
    We are going to cruise from Aug. 08th to Aug. 15th 2015 by NCL
    Maybe on Aug 14th we will take your trip.
    We are 3 people.
    I want to know it is possible and what time is best for us.
    The departure time of Our ship is 14:00

    • wingsove says:

      Hello, yes we can easily take care of you. You can fly at 9:30 or at 11:00 on your second day in port at Nawiliwili. You can walk off the ship, walk to the nearby ABC store or take the little shuttle bus to the Anchor Cove Mall. It is a 10 minute walk. We pick you up in front of the ABC store at the Anchor Cove Mall. We have a white Toyota van and our logo is on the side. Both times are good to fly, and just go on line and book or call us, 808-635-0815, if you need any help. Aloha, Ellen

      • soohee says:

        Thank you for your info.

        We want to make reservation for 09:30 tour(Aug. 14. Friday)

        How can I make payment?

        Can I pay by credit card?

        • wingsove says:

          Hello, yes you pay with a credit card. You can use our on line reservation system or you can call 808-635-0815. If you can’t call then go on line at Reservations, and choose AirVan and it’s really easy. You will put your cruise ship in the hotel part so we will know you need for us to pick you up. Aloha, Ellen

  40. Liz Timmons says:

    Hi! We will be on the Pride of America and looking to book on Friday, May 29 for a family of 4. My 19 yr. old son is a little iffy about flying anywhere… But I think this would be a wonderful opportunity for all of us! Would you recommend the 11am tour over the 9:30 am? And would the Airbus Grand Tour be the way to go? Thanks for any info!

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Liz, this sounds like fun. Tell your son it is just fine, much like the jet really, only large windows and alot closer to the ground! But we try to keep the flight smooth and peaceful, we don’t aim to scare anyone with spins and drops, no cowboy pilots on our team! Your second day in port is May 29th, a Friday, and I think you might be more comfortable booking the 9:30 tour. We would pick you up at 9:00 at the ABC store near your ship and bring you back at 11:00, then you have two hours to play on the beach there or go on back to the ship. We also do the 11:00 tour with cruisers but we then take you back at 12:30 and you only have 30 minutes to play before you have to walk back to the ship. The weather is a factor of the day more than the time of day, if it’s raining it can be at anytime, we don’t have a large ground affect like you do on the mainland. You will need to book the AirVan, the other plane won’t carry four people, and four is a private tour in our AirVan so it is really nice. Aloha, See you soon, Ellen

  41. Kimmie Harrison says:

    I was reading a review posted on Trip Advisor and the person said they got a lei, flower for their hair and a dvd as part of the trip. Is this still being offered? I am seriously considering this adventure but don’t want to wake the hubby up right now to confirm the booking! LOL…it’s 12:41 am here in Virginia!

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Kimmie, I am from Virginia too! Grew up in Reston. Where do you live? Well we do like to give gifts to our customers but I can’t say just what the gift will be. Bruce likes to pick flowers from our garden when he can, and the DVD, well that’s supposed to be a surprise! Talk it over with your husband and if you have any questions just ask, glad to help you guys decide. aloha, Ellen

  42. Sue says:

    My husband and sons would like to book a flight and are encouraging me to go also. I am a very nervous flier on commercial planes and am tense most of the time but have never been on a small plane. I also get some motion sickness too. Would you suggest sitting this one out? How do the small planes differ from the big ones?

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Sue, well I understand your fears, my mother suffered from them and never really got over it. We finally convinced her to go but it was a very windy day and the turbulence was more than she could handle. We had to return and land. But it would be a real shame for you to miss this, as the scenery is so spectacular. On a smooth air day this is a very peaceful and quiet ride, and you soon forget your worries lost in the views beneath you. I would like to say wait and check out the weather but we tend to fill up in advance now. So I think you should book the tour, plan to fly, and if the wings are 15 to 20 mph then you should sit it out. If the winds are 10 or less there is little turbulence, if the winds are 20 or more there is turbulence in any type of aircraft, plane or helicopter. I really don’t think you should fly in a helicopter, they are not intended to make it a smooth ride. The other thing is if you are four, five or six then you are booking for a private tour anyway and you can ask the pilot to stay away from the turbulent areas. Our pilots are excellent at finding smooth air, and you may need to go higher, or avoid certain spots but on a private tour that is entirely up to you. Hope this helps, Ellen

  43. Evelina says:

    I would like to ask whether it is possible to book a tour for two people on Monday the 13th of April? Not sure whether there are any slots available, if yes I was thinking that 2:30 is probably the best time for us to see Napali coast?

    Thank you!

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Evelina, yes the day is open, go right ahead and book on line or call us. According to a recent survey from my pilots the clearest time of day is high noon and so the best time to fly is at 11:00 and at 1:00. But having said that, the weather changes all day long in winter, and can start out lovely and sunny and be raining hard somewhere an hour later. It’s tricky. For lighting on the Na Pali Coast they say that the 9:30 is not enough light for great photos, and we see that the afternoon light at 2:30 can make great photos on the westerly facing Na Pali Coast. But, then the eastern side of this island is getting back lit as you cruise along the waterfalls of Mt. Waialeale. I know this confuses you but that’s because it is really hard to say what is the best time of day. If it’s a nice day then all times are good, that much we know for sure! Aloha, Ellen

  44. Kim McColley says:

    My two sisters and myself will be on Pride of America this coming October. We would like to fly with you on October 8th. Can you please tell me how soon we need to book, and is a deposit required. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Kim, so glad you can come to Hawaii. We do fill up on the NCL days but if you book about two months out you should be able to choose your time. If you wait then there will be openings but maybe not the ones you wanted. Presently we are not charging for the tour until you fly, we use the credit card only to hold the tour. That may change in the future, but that is how we do it now. Let me know if you need my help, glad to work with you! Aloha, Ellen

  45. Kerwyn says:

    I would like to book the late afternoon (4.00pm) tour for 2 person on March 12, 2015. Your online booking system indicate there is no availability and ask to call. Can you please help me reserve 2 seats? Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks.

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Kerwyn, I just opened that tour, so now you can go ahead and book on line or call. Thanks for asking, I didn’t realize how full that day was already. We are having a great season here at Wings! Mahalo Everyone! Ellen

  46. Diane C says:

    We have a cruise booked for 2pm from Port Allen on Monday 30 March. Would we be able to take a 9:30 flight and get to PA in time for the cruise?

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Diane, yes that’s easy. Our tour is 60 to 75 minutes in length and Port Allen is a 40 minute drive. So even if we had alot of traffic, which sad to say does happen here, you would easily make it over to Port Allen in time for your cruise. We only have a couple of seats left at 9:30 on 3/30 so best to book soon if you can. Let me know if anything else comes up, glad to help, Ellen

  47. Terence Boyles says:

    Hello there. Same question as some of the above regarding the internet Charter price. I have booked March 12 @1:00 a family of 4. Price also comes up as $550, we trust this will be corrected to $500. Sounds like you people do a great job. I have read nothing but good and positive reviews. Can’t wait to get there. Mahalo

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Terence, I fixed it and resent the email. My crazy reservation system needs to bump up to the newer more sophisticated software but, then they want a percent, everyone takes a cut now! Anyway, I fixed it for you and it still says six passengers but that is so that two seats are removed from the system and you will have the private tour, for $500 total charge. I hope all goes well on your journey over to Hawaii, but for a bit of wind we have had lovely sunny days this winter! I’m sure it will stay that way for you as well, Aloha, Ellen

  48. Lucinda Michalek says:

    Hello, we are cruising on the Pride of America and are wondering if you can do a group of about 10 people on the 9:30 a.m. flight on Friday, April 10, 2015. Do you have transfers available?

    Lucinda Michalek

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Lucinda, so glad you found us! Yes, we do two flights on your second day in port, April 10th. We can take five of your party on the 9:30 flight and 5 of them on the 11:00 flight. We provide free ground transportation and will have the second party back to the ship before 12:30, your sail away time is at 2:00. Your ship is only 7 minutes from our airport. The cost is on the web site, $550 per group, total charge $1100. We add in no additional charges. We still have both open and now would be a good time to book them, those times do fill up with cruisers. If you have any questions just let me know, glad to work with you. Ellen

  49. Stacy Petot says:

    I just booked a Charter flight for April 19th for 4 people and similar to the other questions — it confirmed at $550 and the website quoted price is $500. I understand this is a website issue since it automatically blocked the other seats. Can you fix the reservation to the $500? Also we would really like to go in the morning instead if you get any cancellations. Thanks, Stacy Petot

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Stacy, yes, sorry about my system. I just fixed it and sent you another email showing the corrected price of $500. I will let you know if a morning tour opens. We have morning tours on every other day, for some reason April 19th is very busy? If you would like to switch to another day I can easily do so, just let me know.

      Mahalo for Choosing Wings! Ellen

  50. Gail Davis says:

    I was wanting to enquire if you do hotel pick ups and drop offs

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Gail, sorry we just don’t have the manpower to get around in our van. You can ask the concierge where you are staying, they can arrange a shuttle or taxi for you. We are located at the Lihue Airport, private plane terminal. Hope you find a way, would like to take you flying!

  51. Kelly Kroll says:

    We are scheduled to arrive in Kauai 05/23/15 at 10am on Royal Caribbeans Legend of the Seas. There are 6 of us who would like to schedule a tour. Would we have enough time to get from the cruise port to the airport for the 11 am tour?
    Thank you,

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Kelly, so glad you found us, and yes I think that is enough time. It would be a private tour and we have a little leeway because we take lunch after your flight. Your cruise ship is only 7 minutes from our airport so I think we can make this work. Usually you don’t tender, you just walk off the ship and we can meet you at the designated ABC store or if you are running late we can find you outside the ship gate. So we can make it to the airport by 11:00 I am certain. Let me know if you have any other questions, glad to work with you. Oh, and remember body weight under 1200 and add 10 pounds to every estimate, we always do! Mahalo, Ellen

  52. Dominic Carney says:

    Thanks so much!
    Can’t wait!!

  53. Dominic says:

    I booked Feb 17th at 2:30. Or we could just leave as is and add it for the 3rd person on the second flight? Whatever is easier 🙂

    • wingsove says:

      Hi there, I changed it, was easy, now it is $500 and it is still a private tour, that’s why it auto fills two seats and looks like a party of six, it’s just taking two seats out of the system. All set then, see you next month!

  54. Dominic says:

    Thanks so much for your reply! I have made the bookings but the one is for a charter and the system says the price for 4 is $550. Looking forward to meeting you!

  55. Dominic says:

    Hi there,

    I’m want to book a charter for 4 for the grand delux tour at 2:30 pm and the quoted price is $550 instead of the advertised $500. Have prices gone up? I also want to book a flight school flight right after at 4 pm for 3 (we are under the weight max). I am not a pilot but enthusiastic to try! Is this doable?

    Many thanks,

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Dominic, so glad you found us! Yes, the price is $125 each so your party of four will be $500. The price of $550 if for a party of five or more. If you need help making the booking just call us, but no matter what it ends up looking like for sure the price is $500 and you pay when you fly with us. You can take three in the Cessna not a problem, and if the booking system won’t allow it then just add the third persons name and weight into the comments section, or again feel free to call. The third person is $50 extra as stated on the web site and the lesson will be at least 60 minutes long, we can’t do shorter ones, is that okay with you? Just let me know if you need my help. aloha, Ellen

  56. Skip George says:

    My wife and I will be traveling to Kauai on the Ruby Princess in April, could I arrange for someone to pick us up at the port and then return us to the port after the flight?

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Skip, yes we provide ground transportation for cruisers. We pick you up near your ship 30 minutes before your scheduled flight and return you 90 minutes later. So altogether it is a 2 hour excursion. The airport is only 7 minutes away, so it’s easy to do.

  57. J Shaw says:

    My wife and I will be in Oahu in May, but would like to see Kauai. Do you offer any tours to/from HNL? I do appreciate that the distance is not trivial, but thought that a fixed-wing aircraft might be able to cover the extra distance.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello J, I wish we could fly over to HNL and take you touring. Bruce says that the FAA requires us to have two engines to take passengers across the Kauai Channel. It is 100 miles over open ocean and we need to be able to glide to land they say, which we could not do no matter how much altitude we gained! I think that George’s Aviation on Oahu has the capability, they have a twin engine, but it does cost quite a bit. Let me know if you need my help, Aloha, Ellen

  58. Cathy says:

    Do you do any tours out of Maui?

    • wingsove says:

      Hi Cathy, so sorry, we can only do Kauai. I have heard good things about Maui Aviators, a similar organisation. And on the Big Island, Iolani Air is just great!

  59. Tiffany Hung says:


    We are about to make a reservation for the grand deluxe tour, just wondering where should we meet you if scheduled at 11am. Thank you!

  60. Tiffany Hung says:

    Hi, we’re planning for our daily activities between 1/12 – 1/20, just wondering how long is the grand deluxe tour? Thank you.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Tiffany, so glad you found us! Our tour takes at least 60 minutes, sometimes a little longer, 65 minutes. You need to check in 30 minutes before your tour. I hope this helps, let me know if anything else comes to mind. See you soon! Ellen

  61. Brasu says:

    Hi! I’d like to take the tour on February, 7th (afternoon) but it’s just myself. Is there a possibility of joining a group? Besides, I weight 286 pounds. Would that be a problem? Thank you in advance.

    • wingsove says:

      Hello Brasu, we have no problem with your weight, but to fly as a single it is best if you can call a week in advance, that way we can look at our schedule and find a place for you that will give you a good seat. Other tour operators will allow you to book in advance if you like, and then they will open up the worst seat, the one behind the pilot and put you in it, full charge. We don’t want anyone to have a bad experience, but for us you need to wait to see how the planes are filling up. If for example I have a party of three booked and no one else, then I can put you on board, make it a party of four, and everyone has a great window seat of their own. Hope this makes some sense? It’s kind of hard to explain. Aloha, Ellen

      • Sorin says:

        Aloha from Romania! I am also a solo traveller and I am looking for a morning tour on July 16th, 17th or 18th. Your advice is to wait until the previous week to see if you could find a seat for me. In that case, what do you estimate the chances of being left out? I’d really hate to miss out on all the fun! Thanks

        • wingsove says:

          Hello Sorin, I wish this could be easier but for us the single seat is difficult. We just don’t have enough seats on our planes! I too sometimes travel solo as does my brother/reservationist John, and we know how hard it can be for solo persons to arrange anything in advance. He tried to book solo on a cruise ship and it was impossible! I need to have a party of three book, then I can add you into that flight. But so far on your days we don’t have a party of three. I am so very sorry about this and I do understand your need to know. I would suggest you contact Jack Harter Helicopters, they are nice guys and safe and they can more readily accommodate you as they have more aircraft. Aloha for now, Ellen

  62. Jeni Dye says:

    Do you do gift certificates?

  63. Brenda Gross says:

    Hi from the mainland. We took your flight on Monday February 24th. I have received a receipt for the flight, but I thought a picture of us in front of the plane was to come with with it. We would sure like to have it. Loved our trip and posted a good review on Tripadvisor.

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