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Visiting Pilots

Hello to All Visiting Pilots!

If you are interested in learning the basics of what it would take to learn how to fly yourself as a certificated pilot, Wings Over Kauai offers a full one hour “Introduction to Flight Training” experience. During this unique and awesome opportunity, you are able to handle the flight controls and learn basic maneuvers like climbs, descents and turns, with a certified flight instructor next to you. You also learn about basic aircraft systems, safety precautions, basic navigation and scanning for traffic. The instructor handles the radio work and the take-off/landing phases, but will explain the procedures to you. If you decide to go on for your private pilot certificate, we can refer you to other flight schools who specialize in that type of training. Your one-hour WOK Introductory Flight can also count towards the hours required to become a licensed pilot. See some beautiful scenery and learn how to control an aircraft in flight, all under the watchful eye of a highly experienced teacher, and in a reliable aircraft that is perfectly suited to learning how to fly. Although we do not offer multiple flight recurrent training, Wings Over Kauai can provide one-hour recurrent training or refresher flights to student or licensed pilots.

The cost will be $320 plus 6% tax. This will include 60 to 65 minutes of flight time, during which you will see almost the entire island. You will taxi out on the Lihue Airport Runway, fly out over the ocean, circling Kipu Kai, then on the west side up Waimea Canyon, popping over to the amazing Na Pali Coast.

You will cruise the entire Na Pali, then Hanalei Bay and the waterfalls of the interior at Mt. Wai`aleale before coming in for a landing at Lihue Airport. This is the same route all the tour operators here take, helicopters and airplanes, and it is very memorable. For pilots, I can honestly say you will love our Kauai flight lessons!


  • Dual flight instruction is $320 per hour (includes aircraft and instructor time).
  • Includes 60 to 65 minutes of flight time, during which you will see almost the entire island.
  • Includes one additional person riding in the back seat if you like.
  • A third passenger will cost an additional $62.50
  • The combined weight of all passengers (not including the CFI) must be under 490 lbs. We need accurate weights given at time of booking please.
  • You can book on line, the Cessna has the instructional option, or
  • Please Call Anytime, 808-635-0815, glad to help you!

Current Offerings

  • VFR pilot recurrency training
  • Introductory mountain flight training
  • Introductory over-water flight training