Kauai Flight School

Hello to all Visiting Pilots! We have so enjoyed the many thousands of visiting pilots who have come to experience our Kauai flight school. We have learned over the years that one of the things pilots enjoy most is to get into the captain’s chair and experience this incredible scenery – I sense it is their favorite seat, and in the most extraordinary place!

Several of our pilots are flight instructors, and we encourage you to come and learn to fly in Hawaii with them. You will be left seat, handling the controls; they will manage the radio and teach you a bit on mountain and open ocean flight techniques. You may bring one person along in the back seat.

View from the cockpit


  • Dual flight instruction @ $285 per hour (includes aircraft and instructor time)

The cost will be $290 total charge. This will include 60 to 65 minutes of flight time, during which you will see almost the entire island.

You will taxi out on the Lihue Airport Runway, fly out over the ocean, circling Kipu Kai, then on the west side up Waimea Canyon, popping over to the amazing Na Pali Coast. You will cruise the entire Na Pali, then Hanalei Bay and the waterfalls of the interior at Mt. Wai`aleale before coming in for a landing at Lihue Airport. This is the same route all the tour operators here take, helicopters and airplanes, and it is very memorable. For pilots, I can honestly say you will love our Kauai flight lessons!

The $290 includes all taxes and fees and a person riding along in the back if you wish to bring someone with you. There will be an additional 6% for on line booking or just call us.  If you book on line or call be sure to make it for an Instructional Flight, not for a Party of Two.  That is the only way to get a CFI on board.  If you want to bring a third person, and the weights allow, we charge an additional $60 for the extra seat. Our passenger weight limit is 530 pounds (not counting the CFI). 808-635-0815

We suggest you reserve ahead of time, we only take the Cessna out on certain days each week.

Not yet a pilot? Have an interest in aviation? Or just want to fly a plane for the first time?

Then Welcome to the Wings Over Kauai Flight School! You’ve come to the right place! We can give you the experience of a lifetime and have many aviation enthusiasts repeat our mantra – “Best Thing I Did on Kauai!”

As stated above the cost for the two of you will be $290 for the 60 to 65 minute Grand Deluxe route. We have a new CFI on board with us, Marcus Madsen, who moved here a couple of years ago from North Dakota, so now the instructional flights are available three days of the week!  Generally Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.  You can now book through our on line reservation system if you like, which adds on 6% ,or just give us a call, glad to help you.  808-635-0815

Either way make sure you book Instructional flight to get a CFI on board.  Don’t book Party of Two, that is a tour flight.  Total passenger weight for an instructional flight is 530 pounds (not counting the CFI).

We also currently offer:

  • VFR Pilot Recurrency Training
  • Introductory mountain flight training
  • Introductory over-water flight training
  • Currently only dual instruction
Marcus Madson Pilot

Click here for more information on what is required to obtain a pilot’s license.

Click here for AOPA’s flight training website.