Email Again Please

Hello Everyone, I just learned that the emailer was not working properly this weekend and if you tried to send us an email and received an error message please try again now. My inbox was full as I had attempted to save a copy of all the photos we send out to the customers, and I didn’t realize just how large those photos were. I’ve cleared it out now and your messages can get through. Please if you have any questions or comments email us again, we enjoy helping you, and again, sorry about the delay. Aloha, Ellen

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Every seat a window seat!

Every seat a window seat!

This is the AirVan Interior, and the first seat on the right side of the photo is the pilot, and the first seat on the left will be one of you, the co-pilot! The three seats behind that one are on the right side and in the back, the love seat, is really nice and cozy and both persons share the right window and left window for all around viewing. This is my favorite seat because I am a view hog, I want to see it all and have the extra room to stretch my legs!

Seating is important when touring and we take extra special care to make sure you have a great view. We know for many this tour is a the highlight of their visit to Hawaii, and we want each and every person to really enjoy it, and not have to stress about a stranger sitting next to them and blocking their view. Seems like so many times I go on a ride or a tour and I sit there thinking, why me? Why am I the one they put into the bad seat, is it because of my weight? Or do I look least likely to make a fuss? Maybe I should smile less at check in? I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but it does to me, and we don’t want it to happen to you. We want you to be relaxed andand happy as you experience the most amazing view that many of us will ever see. And for this reason we are delighted to fly our Australian made AirVan, it has really big windows all the way around and no center isle, so every view is breathtaking.

On the island of Kauai, all the air tour companies fly in a clockwise motion around the island, and the views are thus often out the right window. So here at Wings, the only seat we always fill on the left side of our plane is the pilot, and the seat behind him we fill if you are a family of six and that way the person can move across and share the right side window with a loved one, and not have to bump up into a stranger. While at the same time that person has their own window and a beautiful private experience as well, and whenever we fill the entire plane with your family, the pilot does more circling to make sure everyone is happy throughout the tour.

I really hope this helps, we have received a great deal of excellent feedback from our customers over our 10 years of flying  Kauai and as a result we think we have found the solution for the perfect experience for all. And as our reward, out of 180 Activities on Kauai, the travelers posting on Trip Advisor have rated Wings Over Kauai as the #1 Thing to Do!

Mahalo nui loa, Ellen

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Tropical Flowers

Flowers from Chuck

Absolutely beautiful flowers at our office, thanks to Aloha Tropical Flowers on the Big Island.  My friends Chuck and Sue own and operate an antherium farm near Hilo, where all the best flowers are grown.  They ship them monthly over to us on Kauai, nicely wrapped, never damaged and these flowers last almost three weeks, amazing!  This bunch costs us $75 total charge, and they really brighten up our office.  Just call Chuck and Sue at Tropical Flowers,, 1-800-482-2924 .  Aloha, Ellen

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Jurassic Waters finally launched

I am so pleased to announce the launch of my book.  I spent many years writing this and it’s finally here!

This is an exciting and adventurous read about…, many things:  life after death; underwater evolution from PreCambrian period until 400 million years ago; sea monsters like you wouldn’t believe, and they are real!  And also a semi-mad scientist who really believes in his work, whatever the costs.

And it’s about Hawaii, about the spirit, the tenacity, the beauty of the land and the people.

Hope you enjoy, buy it on Amazon and share with your friends and please let me know what you think here in FAQ’s.

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A Stay in the Highlands of Scotland

Hello Friends of Wings, it’s been too long since I last posted, but we have been a wee bit busy.  I just toured northern Europe with the kids and company while Bruce held down the fort here at Wings.  Bless his heart he did a great job, we were gone for four weeks, and by the end of the journey I think I sort of crossed over from traveling as a holiday to traveling as a life style.  It’s easy to do.  We were in the highlands for only a few days to a week, but could have stayed on much longer.  We were fortunate to stay at the Richmond Arms Hotel in Tomentoul, and our lovely hosts, Martin and family, made it delightful to be there.  I have attached a photo of best photo bomb ever, myself at the Highland gathering, and our gang saying farewell to Martin at the Richmond Arms Hotel.454 510

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Best Boat Ride Ever!

I really want to let you all know about the Na Pali Experience. My daughter Mary and I agree that it is the best boat tour we have ever done on Kauai. We always went on the larger catamarans because I wanted to be comfortable, but Nate at Na Pali Experience has designed the ultimate tour. His boat is very comfortable and very small, which gives you two things I had never seen before…sea caves and snorkeling at Nualolo! Both extraordinary and well worth the money. Check out the photo Mary took of the dolphins under her feet! Thank you Nate for an incredible day!

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Canyon and Tree

Photo: Gnarly Ohia tree wind on canyon rim just near our cabin last week.

I love this photo!  About three weeks ago I was staying at a cabin in Kokee and walked along the Waimea Canyon rim nearby.  This gnarly old Ohia tree braces itself against the winds that blow from the east, and somehow it just seems like a perfect fit now.  Thought I’d share this with you all.

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So excited to be here!

Hello World!  This is a new experience for me, my first blog post.  I placed this blog onto our Wings site because over the years I have had so many inquiries about Kauai, things to do, island life, what’s it like raising children so far from the mainland….just a whole range of things, so I thought I might share some of my experiences here, and hopefully get feedback from a few people and just see if maybe this can be of use to a few folks out there who are thinking about visiting Kauai.

I have not by any means done all of the different activities here, and I am sorry about that.  I am trying to gain a bit more knowledge for folks but it’s a bit slow going.  I still have only ever been to one luau, Smith’s, and that was 14 years ago when we were newbies to the island and as naive as could be!

Anyway, I will try to place some thoughts here, but please do comment or ask me questions, that will keep me going, cause their is nothing more depressing than one more unread blog!



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